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Van Aubel
Eburonenweg 45
6224HV Maastricht

T 0031-6-141 691 15




Nova Foods Belgium




Specific complete foods, integrated with functional ingredients with elevated antioxidant potency, formulated to satisfy the unique needs of each subject with distinct nutritional exigencies. Singular predispositions and sensitivities (Sensintestinal, Sensirenal), excessive physical activity or recovery phases (Energetic Life), particularly stressful environments and conditions (Beauty), life-style (Long Life), and obesity (Sensiobesity) are all the determinant conditions which require a food specifically targetted to prevent the animal from falling into the trap of oxidative stress. AN ELIXIR OF LONG LIFE PERSONAL…LY CREATED FOR THEM!!


Energetic Life Medium/Maxi

Sensiobesity Medium/Maxi





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